A few of my writings.

Internet Measurements

Revealing latency clusters in Africa

Assessing the current status of Internet Measurement in Africa

Cyber policy: the place of Internet measurements

AFRINIC’s Measurement Working Group: An avenue for Learning and Sharing

AIS’17/AFRINIC-26 Holds First Workshop on Internet Measurements Initiatives in Africa

Workshop on Internet Measurements at AFRINIC-29


DNS Flag Day 2020

DNSSEC New Root Zone KSK appears on the DNS

How lame are our reverse delegations?

Migrating an OpenDNSSEC signer

Watch Out for the DNSSEC KSK Rollover this October


RPKI Delta Protocol (RRDP) as a future replacement of rsync in RPKI

RPKI v1.0 Engine Deactivation

RPKI: Moving towards an All resources trust anchor


Article on Spam from an INRM Perspective